Rainier South Sound Vintage Thunderbird Club

       All Year Thunderbirds are Welcome!!

 Founded 1997, Tacoma, WA




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    Welcome to our Club!


        The Rainier South Sound Vintage Thunderbird Club invites you to attend our monthly member meeting in

       the back room of Denny’s Restaurant at 5924 6th St. Tacoma, WA 98406. Meetings are on the first

       Saturday of each month at 10:00 A.M. You are welcome to join us at the meeting, or for breakfast or

       both! You may also contact us for information via e-mail at: info@rssvtc.org , contact the president

       Gary Hatley at e-mail  andengary@donobi.net  , vice president Steve Frkovich at sjfrkovich@aol.com ,

       Secretary Joel Cohn at e-mail Joel.cohn@comcast.net . Please visit photos of some classic T-Birds,

       click on the Members button to the left and select the city that you are interested in.


       We welcome your interest and encourage your application to join our club.  If you want to hang with a

       really great gang of T-bird nerds, be sure to click here for an application form.

       See you on the road!!



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